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A damaged chimney could cause untold damage to your roof if it is left in a state of disrepair. Chimney pots, mortar, and even loose bricks can come crashing down onto your roof. Don’t delay; get a quote today!

Chimney Repairs Wirral

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We cannot overstate the importance of regular chimney maintenance. Weeds and loose mortar are warning signs that your chimney needs some attention. The longer you leave a chimney to deteriorate, the more money it will end up costing you in the future.

The unforgivable British winter will batter your chimney with 80 mph gusts of wind, rain, hail, and snow. Every raindrop and hailstone is like a little missile hitting the mortar on your chimney stack and gradually eating away at it year upon year.

Eventually, all the mortar holding the chimney pots and bricks in place will have crumbled away. Once a chimney has deteriorated this far, it can lead to a collapsed chimney.

Professional Chimney repairs Wirral

Wirral roofers specialise in all aspects of chimney repairs Wirral. Whether your chimney needs lead flashing work, repointing, or new pots, we’re only a phone call away! 

Repair Chimney Stack Wirral

Here are the chimney repairs and Regular maintenance services we offer throughout the Wirral:

Chimney pot replacement
Mortar joints
Replacement brickwork
Chimney pot Re-seating
lead soakers
Installation of cowls

Whether you need chimney repairs or any other of our roofing services, our highly skilled roofers will carry out the work to the highest possible standard.

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Professional Chimney Repairs Wirral

Wirral Roofers specialise in all aspects of chimney repairs Wirral. Whether your chimney needs lead flashing work, repointing, or new pots, we’re only a phone call away! 

Why are Chimney Repairs of Utmost Importance?

The purpose of a chimney is to extract wood smoke and dangerous gases from the fireplace. Carbon monoxide is one of the hazardous gases that must be expelled because it is a silent killer.

Apart from expelling harmful smoke and gases from the fireplace, the chimney also expels excessive heat. Most household furniture is likely to catch fire if the temperature gets too high.

These are just two examples of why it’s so important to have a fully functional chimney. A chimney repairs specialist will ensure your chimney stack is safe and fully functional.

Chimneys can suffer from all sorts of problems. The most common problems on chimney stacks and within the chimney are blockage, crumbling brickwork, creosote deposits, cracks or holes in the flue, loose chimney pots, missing flashings, and many others.

If you suspect your chimney has any of the above problems, get in touch with us for a free, no obligation chimney repairs quote. We will visit your property and assess your chimney before giving you an accurate quotation.

And remember, it won’t cost you a penny for a chimney repairs quote. They are absolutely free!

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If you want to save money on the cost of chimney repairs Wirral, you are in the right place. We have repaired and replaced chimneys throughout the Wirral, Liverpool, and Chester for over 15 years.

Our skills, knowledge, and experience allow us to carry out a chimney repair quickly and efficiently (saving you time and money).

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